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Art Works

Art Works
by nigelcampbell April 30, 2017

I’ve been blogging since before the term blog was invented, and had a personal website since 1997, which makes this my 20th year. When I was thinking of a title for this new site I wanted something simple that covered the contents and also made a statement. I’ve had some pretty odd titles for sites over the years. I started with a site called “Contents may settle during transit”. From there came: “Backwoods and Forwards”; “Laying Foundations”; “Beautiful Soup” and a bunch of others that I can’t quite recall. I stopped blogging in 2002 and the site was just a photo gallery under the inauspicious title “Nigel Campbell Dot Net”. 

For this site I wanted to have a vehicle to share the art that I create. Photography, music and writing. This is art that I create primarily for myself. I do it to feed my soul, to make me happy or sometimes because I feel compelled to for reasons beyond my own understanding. one thing I know is that it helps to keep me sane. Art is the ballast in my boat. Perhaps not always visible to the outside world, but the thing that keeps me floating and sailing in the right direction.

Art Works for me.

Also, I’m old enough not to feel as precious about it as I once did so I can share it with the world and not worry if nobody likes it. That said – if you do like it then please let me know in the comments.


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